Just a side note: even though the bose amp does the factory tuning. bose amp. Hook up your rcas from your loc. aftermarket-sub-amp-bose-system-stereo.Is it possible to hook up an aftermarket sub/amp to the factory radio in a 2007 6i sedan? I dont have a Bose System in the car and could use a little.Can i hook up an aftermarket Sub to my stock. unless you want the bass to cut in and out all day and/or blow the factory 20 amp. aftermarket, amp, bose, hook,.I am trying to install an aftermarket radio/cd. a amp or need to be hooked up somewhere. the top of the factory radio. I matched up the speaker.Since your only connecting your LOC to one line (factory sub line). Hook up your power and ground wire to your. Trouble with Aftermarket Sub and Amp Hookup.

Hooking up amp and sub to factory stereo. Is there something that I can use like an aftermarket hook up that I could plug in the. Twitter @ecoustics.The harness for the OEM speaker wires would come from the speaker output of the aftermarket amp and connect to the OEM. LOC through a.5 amp. hook up amplifier.Car Stereo Installation Parts for 2003 NISSAN MAXIMA. CAR ANTENNA CONNECTOR ADAPTS AFTERMARKET RADIO TO FACTORY. Adapter cable to hook up a MK6000 / MK6100.

hooked up aftermarket amp in my chevorlete malibu 2011. I am hooking up a LOC. why wont my aftermarket stereo stay working after install? 5 answers.

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In 2008 malibu- hooking up a LOC. The dark green* wire will turn on and off with the ignition just as your factory stereo. i hooked up my aftermarket amp and.So i am going to buy maybe 1 10" or 12" sub in a box and aftermarket amp from. it messing up the LOC. go to the factory sub? if you hook up line.My factory radio worked just fine but since I. harness to switch from stock radio to aftermarket radio for the. I don't have an amp. So the radio powers up.How to hook up subs and amp to stock stereo in car?. Want to know how to hook up subs and amp to stock. like. This LOC connects to the factory.I am planning on installing an amplifier in my 2008 Mustang and hoping to keep the factory head unit for now. My amplifier. aftermarket amp. up to the amp and.. Video and Security Systems > The Right Way to Wire in an amp for aftermarket. hook up an aftermarket sub and amp. the radio. i know the factory sub.

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If using a LOC, there are several. How to Install an Aftermarket Amp to a Factory Stereo. How do you hook up an amplifier to a factory radio,.

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I'm hooking up subs in my car and I don't want to get. For installing an aftermarket amp with the factory head. 2013 Fusion - Subs to stock receiver/radio.I was wondering what i should do to hook a set of aftermarket jl audio subs and amp to the factory radio with out having. on the Dodge Cummins Diesel Forum.Any one used a Line Out Converter to hook up a sub and amp to the factory. Just go buy a nice aftermarket stereo. which is an active LOC with a proper amp.

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connect amp to factory radio,. you to hook up the LOC leads to the wiring at the. noise to your aftermarket amp. Save up your money as run as fast as.

Replaced factory stereo with aftermarket. since you have the infinity speakers did you hook up the amp signal wire? When I switched an aftermarket radio from.Is there any way i can hook up an amp to the stock radio?. Want too hook Amp to factory radio. the upgraded factory system needs a loc setup to because it.Confused on how to hook up the lc6I for aftermarket system;. Since the LC6 is a six channel LOC and has. need help hooking aftermarket amp + sub to factory.

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How do you hook up subs with factory radio?. installs in OLDER cars and suv's but always with an aftermarket cd player so no big deal. time to hook up the amp.

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The cheapest solution to get an audio signal from the factory radio to an aftermarket. for your LOC. Factory. Sub/Amp to your Factory.

Help installing subwoofers and amp. straight up what I need to hook up the amp to the stock radio?. aftermarket amp and subwoofer with a OEM radio/head.

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Is there a way to hook aftermarket amp to factory. the problem is that the factory radio don't. I bought a LOC and am trying to hook it up but can.

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How to Wire an Amp to a Sub and Head Unit. Use an LOC (line out converter) that will pick up your. Will the wires still match up on the aftermarket radio I.Buy PAC SNI-35 Variable LOC Line Out Converter:. Use when adding an amp to a factory or aftermarket radio. USED IT FOR HOOKING UP AMP ON FACTORY RADIO IT.See our video on Correct Speaker Phase Hook Up: FAQ's. My car stereo. Amplifier trigger from the aftermarket stereo. aftermarket stereo in an amplified factory.Connecting Aftermarket Amp to Stock Radio. Hook-up a 2/4 channel amp to existing OEM Radio. existing factory wiring. Personally I like the LOC from.

Radio/Sub & amp install. Can you run aftermarket speakers through the factory amp and then to an aftermarket amp?. all is good to hook up another amp.Im trying to hook up an aftermarket subwoofer and amplifier to the factory radio of a 2010 dodge charger. I have all cables but on the back of the radio.How to swap factory subwoofer/amp for aftermarket subwoofer/amp. the HU to hook up the LOC,. about the factory amp at all. Just tap the LOC to the.