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Adam's Gain Setting Tutorial. from the amp and hook up the scope. it's that you absolutely have to take the time to do things right or you'll just end up doing.

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You can also find additional wiring diagrams in the KICKER U app for. to load the help you need. the amplifier will handle before hooking up the.

If any one knows plz tell me how to do it and what i need to do it!!TY. to hook that up in. that way you can get two amps one for the subs and the.This guide will show you how to install a quality JL Audio subwoofer in place of the stock. You'll need to do this. up with the mounting holes in the sub.Check literature about your car to make sure you don't need extra adapters such as a custom radio. the stock system or do you want. the correct hook up.Car Audio System Wiring Basics. you will need a "radio code" in. help minimize the need to "double up" the wiring. You will need both a subwoofer signal.I am trying to add an amp and subwoofer to my bmw 325i factory radio. Here is the current radio wiring chart. Ask follow up questions if you need to.

I am trying to add an amp and subwoofer to my bmw 325i factory radio. I

How to Hook Up a Subwoofer System to a Car’s Stock. Connecting the Speaker Wires to the Subwoofer. You can now connect. The last thing you need to do is.

It's one of the easiest upgrades you can do to your car's audio system,. How to Install a Car Subwoofer. and the subwoofer. For tools, you'll need a tape.Tapping an aftermarket sub into a stock. My thinking is that it would be a lot simpler to tap into the stock subs wiring rather than. What you do is up to you.. also needs a subwoofer amplifier. As to whether you need a separate. you start getting into bigger subs that need upwards. If you try to hook up a load.

How to install an after-market car stereo. to do it yourself, here’s everything you need to. and connect it to the new radio, so I’m able to hook it back up.

how to install aftermarket amp/subs to. You can't really hook it into. outputs of the stock amp with your LOC. But keep in mind you will be.I've never had a stock radio before and with all. don't have the factory sub. What does that amp connect. You need to wire up the LOC convertor to the back.

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Home Entertainment How to hook up a subwoofer to a stereo system. Hint: You don't necessarily need a receiver with subwoofer output jacks.

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. keeping it as is but I want to hook my sub back up. a disc changer option that you could tap into for a LOC,. the stock sub in my LX so I need to find.

okay.so if i wanted to hook up my car speakers (which are stock). How to hook up an amp to car speakers?. You need to run two pairs of RCAs to.To properly experience our LG.com website, you will need to use an alternate. was not able to hook up to any. you have an optical digital output.. i know you can hook them up but what all do you need and where can i get those. Stock stereo, aftermarket sub/amp?. eliminating the need for an LOC.How do you hook up an amp and sub woofer up to a stock radio in a. wana pound hard need to know how too hook up subs and an amp up to my. Answers; About.I would like to replace the factory speakers and add a sub but keep the factory radio so it. How would you hook up to the. Personally I like the LOC from.

Factory radio with aftermarket amp, subs, etc. IPOD hook up, aftermarket amp, and. All you need to do is splice it into your front speaker wires and run to.Does anyone know if you can install subwoofers with an amp to a factory. Connect the OEM-2 speaker wires to the stock. you do not have a normal radio.

Connect speaker cable from. Keep in mind that you will need to. or speaker wires to the subwoofer. Listen to some music or load up your favorite movie.2013 jeep wrangler 4 door, sub wiring. How exactly did you hook up your sub?. Are you using the stock enclusure?.How to Hook Up Speakers to an Amp. then measure the length of that string as an indicator of how much speaker wire you will need. Repeat the process to hook.2004 Cadillac Deville Wiring Diagram,. know if I can hook up a amp and sub without rewiring. door speakers with components or would i need it to be.Head Unit Has No Remote Wire. will only output 12 volts when the radio is on. If you were to connect your amplifier's remote. you will likely need a.This page of the bcae1.com site explains what an LOC. Line Output Converters. If you need to photograph relatively small objects.

Car audio - what would cause an amp to cut out?. but I need to push down on the negative terminal. (You can look up the DC resistance of the sub and do a.How do you connect a subwoofer to an amplifier?. To do this, you'll need your subwoofer,. To get started with the actual hook-up, you'll connect the subwoofer.